2019 Predictions for Automotive, Retail, Technology Industries and Your Lifestyle and Health

My 2019 Predictions are based on my experience working across a variety of industries and also seeing the impact one industry has on others.  Instead of sharing my predictions on merely one industry or type of trend (technology, retail, manufacturing) I wanted to share some insights that I do believe will begin in 2019 and have lingering impact in the years to come. I look forward to 2020 and seeing how much of this has come to fruition.  May 2019 be a year of health, wealth and prosperity to you!

1)     Automotive Industry

  • Electric vs. Gas vehicles: As SUV/Truck market segment continues to grow, and OEMs drop old traditional product lines, new electric vehicle manufacturer entrants will continue to disrupt the market. New entrant Rivian’s introduced disruptive electric pickup and sport utility at LA Auto Show https://products.rivian.com/   New choices like Rivian and Audi’s etron https://www.audiusa.com/models/audi-e-tron will add to Tesla’s electric market disruption to the traditional automotive OEMs. Kia, Honda and others introducing more electric based vehicles to meet the growing demand. Sad the US government is phasing out the $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles in 2019.  But as long as fossil fuel is available for refining, I doubt gas vehicles will be completely replaced.  #rivian #tesla #audietron
  • Drop in traditional U.S. automotive sales: Prediction of the US car sales volume to take a hit in 2019 as Uber and Lyft go through their IPOs;  continued investments in auto driving vehicles;  major metropolitan areas urbanize;  and large millennial workforce continue to rely on these disruptive transportation providers rather than making the ownership commitment and taking fiscal responsibility for a 5-6-year car loan or 3-year car lease, auto insurance, parking and maintenance costs.

2)     Retail

  • With the trending adoption and demand for online “free shipping/free returns” continuing to flourish and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality online experience innovates creating lifelike “try on” visuals, the retail brick and mortar experience will need to continue to morph and innovate with web/mobile app experiences and online purchases to maintain/retain brand loyalty for today’s buyers.  Let’s see what predictions are made at of NRF in two weeks at the largest retail technology conference https://nrfbigshow.nrf.com/ . #NRF #NRFbigshow
  • Delivered at home meal kits: Delivered to your door options like Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Hello Fresh will continue to struggle as millennials and families initially try and experiment with these at home kits only to realize the mere recipe cards, pricey food and 45-60 prep time investment, could be time and energy better invested elsewhere than in the kitchen. The ease and availability of alternative dining takeout/delivery options such as Grubhub, UberEats, Amazon/Wholefoods and Big Box/grocery store home delivery as well as easy to follow YouTube and food blogger recipes is making at home cooking a breeze. #blueapron #homechef #grubhub #ubereats #amazon #wholefoods #hellofresh

3)     Technology and Workplace

  • Enterprise Software Market. Startups will continue to innovate and disrupt, but software provider market will continue to consolidate through both acquisitions and private equity firms taking them private for near term IPOs or profitable flips.   2018 was a banner year with billion valuation acquisitions and sales of Mulesoft, Marketo, CA, Redhat, and Qualtrics to name a few. The large technology providers will expand their comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end SaaS offerings including: data integration, manage file transfer (MFT), master data management (MDM), content collaboration, CRM, ERP, marketing operations, Web/Social/digital experiences, mobile app dev, API management, supply chain/logistics management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industrial IoT and IoT all with the focus on improving the digital experience and optimizing customer experience management. #Mulesoft #Marketo #redhat #CA #Qualtrics
  • Automated Assistants: Customer reliability in automated assistants and speech recognition functionality like Alexa, Siri and mobile apps will continue to soar in conjunction with consumer demand for access to data, data analysis and controlling our daily environments such as cars, homes, offices, mobile communications, travel, social experiences. #amazon #Alexa #google #apple #Siri #Microsoft #Cortana
  • Onsite company workplace changes. Advanced secure online content collaboration tools and video meetings allows for adoption of remote work force. This remote work force is quite popular in Europe’s software development market and will likely begin to become more mainstream in US as innovative companies look to reduce operating costs of expensive office real estate; and reevaluate their hiring practices  to find the best talent who may not be able to relocate for their job posting due to family dual incomes. For some industries, the traditional company headquarter office may change in appearance, size and overall purpose. I expect to see a continued rise in demand for shared office space options and collaboration centers.

4)     Lifestyle and Health

  • Personal wearable health devices. Demand for water-resistant bands, watches and rings will continue to grow as active people demand more data not only on activity but sleep duration/patterns to improve their health. #applewatch #Fitbit #Garmin #aura #mymotiv
  • Reduce Chronic Illness and Cancer Risks: With Diabetes and youth obesity skyrocketing in the US due to Standard American Diet, predict health concerned Americans look for options and follow Europe’s advanced trend for healthy eating options (more vegan adoption in restaurants and fast food). Plant-based diets and plant-based food products (animal protein replacements) will continue to become mainstream available as education and awareness continues to showcase the positive health benefits of reversing chronic illnesses, inflammation, supports cancer prevention, reduces the dependency on prescription medicine and aids in prolonging a person’s life.  Come on Food Network, where is the dedicated show on healthy plant-based eating or are you merely serving to your ad sponsors in egg, dairy and meat industries? #Foodnetwork #forksoverknives #plantbaseddiet #mylongevitylifestyle  #beyondburger #gardein #impossibleburger #impossiblefoods
  • Travel: Travel, cruise and short-term home rental industry will see a boom in 2019 as “experiences” continues to top want list by millennials and their shift of traditional spending on housing, cars is reallocated to vacations, travels and exploring new experiences. Predict VRBO and AirBnB continue to grow in popularity and mainstream hotel chains will explore new reservation booking options. #airbnb #vbro #traveltrends #Marriott #Hilton #Hyatt #Sheraton #celebrity #carnival #norwegian
  • US Home Construction. US Individual Housing construction, more importantly floor plan designs,  will go through radical layout designs as the demand for enormous homes will drop with baby boomers downsizing and millennials seek rent or purchase options in urban dwelling locations for proximity to dining, entertainment and social interaction. Garages may eventually become storage or redesigned space due to the reduction in vehicle ownership. Home office space will become more mainstream in line with remote working trend #metrourbanexpansion #urbanization #remoteworking #homebuildingtrends
  • At home DNA testing and insurance costs. These DNA companies are gathering DNA data at an alarming rate. I predict the costs of these tests to continue to drop as they see the wealth in the DNA data and it becomes a race for data volume.  While all good initially to help ID any potential or genetic health challenges, I must question where this data goes, who has access, and most importantly could this impact your future cost for health and life insurance based on your predisposition or potential health risks. Will data from all of these at home DNA testing offerings be made available or sold to health and life insurance providers?  Certainly, this wealth of health data would play in these institutions favor.
  • At Home Entertainment. The ease of leveraging Amazon Firestick or Roku streaming sticks to view content, programs, movies and series on Hulu, SlingTV, Netflix and Amazon Prime will take major marketshare away from the cable viewing options provided by Verizon Fios, Comcast and Direct TV market leaders.  These behemoth WiFi/Internet providers need to wake up.